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What is the Deal or No Deal Game show?

Basically, in this show, there are 22 boxes and each box is sealed. In each box, there is money hidden. One of the contestants will come and select one box of their own choice. Some boxes contain a lot of cash. 

The contestant has to select one box but at the same time, a Banker will be offered a cash price instead of choosing a box. Because the banker knows what’s in the box. The contestant will be pressured when the banker gives a lot of choices to leave the box and get a cash prize. Maybe there will be some Dollars in the box but the banker will offer 1000 $. Maybe there will be a lot of money in the box but the banker will offer a low cash prize.

Deal or No Deal ITV, ITVX With Stephen Mulhern

This ‘Deal or No Deal’ is a luck game in which you have to choose only one box of your choice or accept bankers’ offers. As long as you pretend to get the sealed box, Banker will offer you a higher cash price. It depends upon your choice rather you accept a banker’s offer or a sealed box. When you are lucky, there will be a lot of money in the sealed box or you will accept the banker’s offer instead of choosing your box.

This show is hosted by Stephen Mulhern, the well-known Magician of all time in the UK. This show is presented by Banijay. This is filmed by dock10 studios. Channel 4 has commissioned about 80 territories and almost 350 productions. 

Who is Stephen Mulhern?

Deal or not Deal game show Stephen Mulhern

Stephen Mulhern born in is a British citizen. He was born on 4 April 1977 in the UK. He is the greatest magician in the UK. In 1998 Stephen Mulhern started his television career with CITV. Stephen presented shows such as Holly & Stephen’s Saturday Showdown, Tricky TV, and Finger Tips. Now with ITV Stephen Mulhern as Host on the ‘Deal or No Deal’ game show.

 Stephen Mulhern & Rawcliffe about ‘Deal or No Deal’

“It’s very amazing to be a part of this Deal or No Deal game show. I am waiting for this show because this is full of excitement for the viewers as well as for the contestant. This will look very gorgeous when the contestant sealed the box with a lot of money but the banker will offer a cash prize. This will increase the pressure on the contestant. This is the greatest show And it’s a very honor for me to be a host. I am getting excited to start the show.”

Stephen Mulhern

“Deal or No Deal game show is such an iconic show with entertainment and Mulhern as a host. There are many people excited to watch on ITV.’’

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