Traffic Rider Mod APK

 Traffic Rider Mod APK-unlimited money 2022
Traffic Rider Mod APK

Traffic Rider Mod APK Unlimited Money is the most trending moto-game for android by Skgames. The tracks of the highway are straight. So you can easily take a sharp turn near cars and trucks. There are 20 different bikes with All Bikes Unlocked and Everything Unlocked. You can race any time of day, night, afternoon and early morning.

NameTraffic Rider Mod APK
MODunlimited money 2022/All bikes/ Everything
Publisher Skgames
Last Update18 August,2023

What is in Traffic Rider Mod APK?

The Traffic Rider MOD APK offers you more than 20 bikes including 70+ missions. If we talk about graphics, it has realistic HD graphics. The more coins you eat you score more. For a high score, eat maximum coins and take a sharp turn near cars and trucks that give you more coins.

This game has a beautiful Highway where you can speed up your bike. Be careful not to hit other vehicles. Upgrade your bike and take part in Career Mode to become a Champion Bike Rider.

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Gameplay of Traffic Rider Mod APK Unlimited Money

The gameplay of Rider Traffic is easy and realistic. Every newbie can easily ride on a bike but be careful during taking sharp turns. Because it’s difficult for newbies to take sharp turns in Bike Racing Games.

  • Steering: Tilt system is used for Racing Bikes. Just Tilt your Android for direction.
  • Racing Clutch: On the right side of screen there is a Racing Clutch just press it to speed up.
  • Brake Clutch: From the left side you can slow down.
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Features of Traffic Bike Rider

  • Career Mode having 70+ missions.
  • Choose night or day mode.
  • Realistic MotorBike sound.
  • Get 29 different bikes.
  • This game offers 29 Languages.
  • Single-way Traffic
  • Two-way Traffic.

Graphics: We have played this game any time we appreciate punisher for graphics and everything of this game. The  graphics quality is too good.

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This game has 3 modes Career, Time-Trail and Endless.

Career: Career mode is the most challenging mode. Because you complete the mission on time. You have 40 seconds and cross 10 cars in this time. If you hit any vehicle just restart your bike and go ahead.
Endless: As its name shows, Endless. In this mode you have endless time just driving your bike. But keep it in mind after 3 collisions your game will be ended. So ride wisely. Also you can select one-way traffic and two-way traffic of your choice. 
Time-Trial: In this mode you have to finish the game on time. But these features are locked.
Bikes Lists
  1. CBZ 250Y
  2. NJ 250
  3. DCT STR
  4. ZX 750
  5. FX U2
  6. Chief LT
  7. CX-750F
  8. VX95 Night
  9. KBX 250
  10. Shadow R
  11. GX 1400
  12. ZZF 1400
  13. GSR 1300
  14. GFX 10S
  15. Artil TP4
  16. YNH S1
  17. Y-Maks
  18. SK-1200
  19. CBN 1000r
  20. SR 10007


The Traffic Rider Mod APK if you compare the game with others you like Racing Simulator you'll see that this game has the same HD graphics, applied physics, and content and features. The game has 20 bikes with more than 70 missions with upgraded features. This game also gives you the Latest Version including sound.
How to Install and download iOS and For PC?
  • Download the File from the download button.
  • Now wait for your complete download.
  • Then Enable “unknown sources” from settings.
  •  Install the game and enjoy features and modes.
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