Off The Road Mod APK

Off The Road Mod APK
Off The Road Mod APK

Show your driving skills in Off The Road Mod APK in various tracks. Unlock incredible gameplay with and enjoy the racing simulator. This game offers you incredible driving challenges and also includes unlocked all cars, unlimited money and gems, vip unlocked, mod menu, dinheiro infinito and unlimited all. High graphics with sound and discover different types of vehicles for your opponent.

NameOff The Road Mod APK
MODunlocked all cars, unlimited money and gems, vip unlocked, mod menu
PublisherDogByte Games
Last Update2 November, 2023


The gameplay is very interesting. Immerse yourself and conquer all the impassable tracks in water and airspace. Get behind a huge truck and pass all obstacles on the roads. Get on the boat and face different challenges on sea. Also fly a helicopter and show your skills to the opponent. In this simulator game you can customize your vehicles from painting and replacing the parts of the vehicle. And deliver loads in the areas and complete your orders, with unlocked all cars and unlimited money and gems. Gamers will not bore anytime due to different terrains.

Off The Road Mod APK-gameplay

Features of Off The Road Mod APK

Vehicle simulation: Players now engage themselves with vehicle simulation. There are various types of simulation like Harvesting, helicopter flying, sea, desert and muddy tracks. 

Test your skills:  In this gameplay you can test your skills with different types you can get in the boat and face different obstacles. Also you can test your skills in the airspace and in the mud you can also speed up your vehicle in the harvesting field. 

Unlock unique vehicle collections: This game has 50 different types of vehicle collections. You can collect cars, trucks, boats and helicopters. Each vehicle has its own characteristics which are suitable for different mission types. In a helicopter  you can fly across the mountains, also drive a boat to travel in the sea and transport goods. Always customize your cars. 

Incredible graphics: This game has incredible graphics and sound quality. 

Crazy Quests: Players can play various types of missions. There are some missions like harvesting, racing, off-roading, transportation of construction materials. Always choose the right vehicle for missions. Cars for racing, trucks for transportation of construction materials, helicopters for crossing mountains.

Controls: The controls are not difficult just play with 2 arrows buttons. Press the right arrow to move right and press left arrow to move left. In the Forest, mountains are difficult to control cars but keep balance.

Off The Road Mod APK-features
Off The Road Mod APK-customize

Final wording

This game is best for racing simulators. Just play in the different terrains with different vehicles. There are trucks, cars, helicopters and boats. You have to choose correct driving vehicles for different missions. We are in this driving simulator offering you unlimited money and gems, dinheiro infinito, mod menu. Show your best skills and become champion of the game. 

How to Install?

  • Click on the download button.
  • Then wait for installation of game
  • Now, play the game with your friends.


Yes, it's available for Android users and best for PCs.
Yes, you can play this game with your friends online without facing any problem.
4.1/5 - (27 votes)

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