300: Seize Of Glory Mod APK

“300: Seize Of Glory Mod APK” is best epic and action game where a man naming King Leonidas leads 300 men(Spartans) to fight against the Artemisia a Naval commander. This game is totally fiction bas game where you have your own character holding a sword and shield in his hand. The game take a start where King Leonidas with his army on boat attack the Queen. This game is base on Two parts. Part one where King Leonidas kill all the man on ship and Queen got escape. In part second King kill all man and secure the victory.

Name300: Seize Of Glory Mod APK
PublisherWarner Bros
Size46 MB
VersionV 1.1.1
Last Update22 Aril,2024

Hot To Play? 300: Seize Of Glory Mod APK

In this 300 men Game you need First of all a good android version 4.0 or more so that game will not lag and slow. this game is Part based game Where you have apply different strategies to clear your both parts. Here i am sharing some little comebacks of the game.

Part One

Part one of this Game Rise Of Glory also called word Special Sword Part. Here the game take its starts. The man name King Leonidas do an open declaration of war pertinent to Queen fight. In this part he has a shield made of pure metal and sword made of titanium.

He has 300 Spartans team with him which help him to take his revenge from the King named as King God written by Xerxes. Now the thing to be notice is that you have to use your thumb to scroll your man back and forth and the other options in which he use his shield to protect himself from attack of opponents and the claw option was given in part one which when you will operate there arises a combo thunder speed with attacking sword technique in your man. The other Spartans are automatically take fight.

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Part Two

The part two consist where the part one of the game ended where the Queen was escaped. Here this part is also called Archery part. Here the Spartans general naming King Leonidas will use a bow and arrow to kill opponents who trespass the water to come to the side of king

Second Escape of the Queen will also seen here.

Here this game is totally base on action and your gaming skills.
You will surely enjoy the game after you download and experience the new action thriller game. But the slow management in this arena zone will let you to easy defeat and make your king to taste a harsh lost battle.

Skills Need To be Improve

  • Androids 3.0 or higher
  • Proper Rotating of Thumb
  • Claws and Shield used in time
  • Time Management
  • Scoring High


Do you want to play 300 men game ? This Game Mod APK is very easy to play but remember the game strategies that crawling crouching are not allowed in this game. You will only experience the Super Craw speed and the game is free of all the errors. So don't worry to download it. In the very first of the game it wills show its little introduction. Never skip the pre demo of game its all parts are in game. 

How to install

  • Step 1: Click on the Download button.
  • Step 2: Install the APP on your smart device.
  • Step 3: Enable “Unknown Sources” from Android device.
  • Step 4: Wait for Launch and play.
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