Mario Kart Tour Unlimited Coins

Mario kart tour

Mario Kart Tour is a mobile game and it is free to play from the App Store and Google Play instead of Super Mario Run. Its art style is simple and cartoony. The more features which are introduced in Mario Kart Online are reverse courses, trick courses and a combo system that grants points based on actions with item slots that allow racers to deploy a large amount during race include Spiny Shells and Bullet Bills.

NameEurfex Mod APK Unlimited Coins
MODMario Kart Unlimited Money , Mario Kart Online Emulator,
PublisherNintendo EPD
Size128 MB
Last Update20 Nov, 2023

Gameplay of Mario Kart Tour Unlimited Rubies

The goal of the Mario Kart Tour Unlimited Rubies is to get a high score using items obtained by driving through Item boxes and get first place at the end of each race. In a landscape position the game is played. The player can turn with three ways. The gyroscope can be used to steer with the help of a phone. By tapping and sliding the fingers on the main area of the screen the player chooses what action is started. The player will be awarded with Grand Stars, when a race is completed experience points for the used driver.

mario kart tour

Ranked Cup Of Mario Kart Unlimited Money

One of the tours is ranked up every week. For finishing in the top 10, the player gains a reward and will increase in tier at the end of the week.

Base Points

At the beginning of the race the base points are given and the sum of the base points of the character, kart and glider selected. They range from 800 to 3020 points. The base points can be increased through experience points.

Bonus Points

Bonus points are points awarded every time a special event happens during the race. Two seconds have passed from the previous one if a further event happens.

Position Points

The bonus point boost for position is calculated for the driver, cart and glider.


Mario Kart Online Emulator stands out as an enthralling mobile gaming experience, effectively translating the cherished Mario Kart series to a global audience. Featuring captivating gameplay, lively visuals, and a roster of beloved characters, it provides an enjoyable racing adventure suitable for fans of all generations, cementing its status as a must-try for Mario aficionados.


Can I play Mario Kart Tour on PC?
Play Mario Kart Tour on PC and Mac with Bluestacks and simply run for the first play and for the fun of it.
Is Mario Kart Tour free?
Mario Kart Tour is an aggressively monetized free to play title that pushes you towards spending real money.

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