Granny Chapter 2 Mod APK

Granny Chapter 2 Mod APK

Granny: Chapter 2 Mod APK is a game in which Grandpa and Granny in the house and house is locked. For survival you have to get out of this house. The Grandpa didn’t hear anything. But whenever anything falls, Grandpa will come and have the power to hit hard. You have unlimited health to fight with enemies. So, just click on the button to download for PC the latest version.

NameGranny: Chapter 2 Mod APK
MODUnlimited Health/ No Ads
Size88.47 MBs
Versionv 1.1.9
Last Update23 January, 2023
Additional Information

Granny: Chapter 2 Helicopter Escape

If you want to escape from a helicopter then you have to acquire a minimum of 10 objects. If any player is willing to get a helicopter then you have to need Helicopter manual, security key, helicopter key, duct tape, gasoline canister and stun gun.

Helicopter manual: This is hidden in the cupboard in the base area. Technically there is no need for helicopter manual location. But this will lead to an ending when it crashes. 

Security Key: This is required to go into the security room. In this game Some of the items were found in the same place while some of them were found in different locations. The Security key is always found in Grandpa’s neck. You can get this security key by Stun Gun by disabling grandpa for a few moments and then snatching it.

Granny Chapter 2 Mod APK-Gameplay

Duct tape, Gasoline canister, Helicopter key: The duct tape will be found in the main room or some draws of the house.  Duct tape is required to repair the broken propeller of the helicopter. Because with a broken propeller you can’t fly properly.

Gasoline canisters as it is named suggest gasoline that is used for the takeoff of helicopters. If you are lucky then you will find this near the helipad. Then put the gasoline in the helicopter until the gauge turns into a green light.

Helicopter key is the main thing from which you can switch on the helicopter and take the initial flight with Garry and Grandpa.

Stun Gun location: Stun gun is not only used to disable grandpa for snatching security keys. This will be used to play mini games and hit the moving items when you open the Balcony door. This is the most changeable item.

Granny: Chapter 2 Guide, Tips

If you are facing difficulty playing this game. Then this guide strategies will help you to become the champion of the game. For beginners it’s best to understand and apply these tips in the game.

Practice mode:

You can finish this game in one turn but it needs more practice and strategies. If you play a game without strategies then you will not complete the Granny levels. Because this game is full of puzzles, many ideas are hidden in it. There are many items which are used to play this game and escaping by helicopter is the most important thing in this game.

So, I will suggest you to give time to the practice mode and give your best in this mode. As well as you get knowledge in practice mode you will get benefit in the game. 

There are 5 difficult levels in the scheme but you have to first practice and then play. These levels are Easy, Normal, Hard and Extreme.

Out the fear:

If you are a horror game lover then this is best for you to play this game. But there are some players who are afraid of playing these types of games. But if you love to play Gary chapter 2 games then first of all be out of fear. The sound, the graphics and the entire game look horror but you will enjoy the scene because this game has amazing features that is why this is so popular.

Granny Chapter 2 Mod APK-Users Guide

Use Security Cameras:

As possible use a security camera from which you can see the setting. The game will start in the basement with a boat and Garry’s pet. If you find the security room this is the main key you will find in this game. But to open the security room you need to be security clean that is there on the grandpa neck. Use the stun gun to disable the grandpa for a few minutes and then open the security room, use the security cameras and open the setting to win the game.

Stash Room:

Must establish a stash room for your items which you collect from the game because when you collect items you have to drop them. For saving items it is necessary to establish a stash room where you can save your items and pick them anytime you want. When you play like our strategies you will be in this game mod menu Garry.

Granny: Chapter 2 Mod APK Features

Unlimited Health:

The main feature of this game is that you can play this game with unlimited health. Unlimited play the game  and enjoy the different levels of games with unlimited health.

Granny: Chapter 2-Unlimited Health

Graphics and Sound:

If we talk about the graphics the graphics are great like a horror game. The rooms are dark. The whole game is like dark interference because that will look like a horror game. The sound is also realistic with moral game touch so you can enjoy the game and win difficult levels.

No Ads:

There are no ads to show you can play the game without ads.

God Mode:

When you download the Gary Chapter 2 you will find the menu bar from where you can see the God Mode. You will stay in God mode for 5 days with Grandpa and Garry.  for the many items and escape from the house and kill monsters.

Garry: Chapter 2 is the most played game with amazing gameplay and unique features. There are many items from which you can escape from the house and also escape in a helicopter. Always first take part in practice known then play the game with guides and strategies to improve your game. Play the game with unlimited health. Now you can download it free from our website.
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  • Now play your favorite game and enjoy features.


Yes, this game is mainly for pc. You can download it for PC from our website.
This application has no ads to show.

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