My Singing Monsters Mod APK

My Singing Monsters Mod APK
NameMy Singing Monsters Mod APK
MODUnlimited money / Unlock skin / Unlimited everything
PublisherBig Blue Bubble
Downloads1.5 million+
Size575 MB
VersionV 3.8.2
Last Update02 March, 2023

My Singing Monsters Gameplay

My Singing Monsters Gameplay

The Monsters will play the music with drums or flute. When the Monsters increase in population then the sound will also increase and you will enjoy hearing this music with ugly faces of Monsters.

Monsters lay eggs, you have to breed Monsters and hatch eggs and then grow the baby’s of Monsters. As the Monsters babies grow you have to train them for singing. Also you have to get food for singing Monsters. With unlimited gems steam You can buy a lot of foods and different items for the Monsters.

My Singing Monster Breeding Guide

We are giving you a breeding card for Monster singing from which you can know how you can breathe and get different types of items. My singing monsters breeding chart or breeding guide is the best for you to get the best items in the game. You will need a breeding guide and My Singing Monsters diamond codes to get the advanced Monsters in this game and get a lot of Gems. There are the following guides when you combine this then you will get different advanced Monsters with amazing characteristics and unique abilities.

  • Entbrat + Troz = Ghazt
  • Shellbeat + Congle = Grumpyre
  • Dodge + Scups = Jeeode
My singing monster unlimited everything breeding guide
  • Riff + Scuos = Reebro
  • Ghazt + Reebro = Nebulo
  • Grumpyre + Jeeode= BooDoo
  • Grumpyre + Reebro = Arackulele
  • Ghazt + Grumpyre = Wisp
My singing monster breeding guide

Increase Breeding to get Monsters

In My singing monsters breeding chart increase the level and get the Monsters. Because higher level Monsters have high abilities to breed and they will give birth to advanced/rare Monsters. For this you have to unlock all the islands and then breed the Monsters to get the advanced Monsters for the game and listen to the best music from them. 

Mod version has unlimited money to unlock skin and use the Monsters with different styles and features. The upgraded breeding structure will help you to bring the prayer Monsters and play the game with the unique style and enjoy the gameplay. The simulation lovers love to play the game And enjoy the upgraded breeding structure to get an advanced level of Monster on a different island. There are about 30 types of Monsters and various islands to play the game.

My Singing Monsters list

Here are some lists of Monsters which are very unique and useful for the game to enjoy the gameplay.

  • Naturals
  • Rare’s
  • Seasonal
  • Epics
  • Ethereals
  • Mythical
  • Legendary
  • Deepsters
  • Wubbox
  • Wublins
  • Dawn of fire
Décor Islands

To collect Breeding Monsters Decorate your islands with amazing styles to create a very impressive interference. You can easily build your islands with the amazing styles. Players have to Plant island breeding guide to get the multi featured Monsters for the game to sing the songs. Each item in the island will give a different appearance to the game and increase the beauty. When you show better performance in the game there will be advanced items for you with unlocked everything. So you can use any different items to decorate the island with your choice. 

Get 100+ Monsters

This game offers to get 100 + Monsters in the game. Each Monster has its own singing vocal cords and unique abilities to sing the song. There are a lot of other Monsters that will increase the beauty of the game. You have to breed the Monsters and get rare Monsters to play the game with advanced features.

If you want  to breed then Merge two Monsters to get a best advance monster  for you. There are some Monsters which are Wisp, Ghzat, Scups, Scuos, Riff and Reebro.

Features of My Singing Monster

MSM has advanced features with amazing style. Your experience with the game will be great and you will enjoy the advanced features of this game. 

Unlimited Money: There are a lot of items if you have to buy in the premium feature but this mode offers you unlimited money and gems to buy your favorite items and use in the game. 

All Monsters Unlocked: If you want to get the rare Monsters select your favorite one because all Monsters are unlocked in this game.  you don’t need to increase your level and get to unlock different Monsters. Simply click on the Monsters and use them at any level.

Grow and Train: The best feature of this game you can grow with breeding to monsters  and get advanced level Monsters. Then grow The Monster and train them for singing.  as we mentioned above, if Monsters increase in population than you will enjoy the singing.

Challenges: There are many challenges and quests are waiting for you.  complete different tasks and get coins and gems to unlock items. 

Monsters Voice: Each Monster has their own voice with amazing style. The rare Monsters have the best voice to sing the song. They will play different instruments such as drums, flute and many others.

Customization: You can customize your monster with  different styles. All the skins are unlocked so you can use any skin that is best for the monster and looks better for the game.

Final Wording
My singing Monster Mod APK is a simulation game with a different variety of Monsters that sing the songs with amazing styles. All the Monsters have different appearances with ugly faces. There are different tasks you have to complete then go into the next level and complete a more difficult task and get unlimited rewards. My singing monsters' diamond codes help to unlock different Monsters and use them in different lands to enjoy the game.
How to Install?
  • Click on the Download button above.
  • Install the game on your smart device.
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” from Android.
  • Wait for Launch. Now enjoy game.

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