The Battle Cats Mod APK

The Battle Cats Mod APK
The Battle Cats Mod APK
NameThe Battle Cats
MODUnlimited Money/ unlimited cat food/ Unlimited XP
PublisherPONOS Corporation
Downloads10 Million +
VersionV 12.0.0
Last Update28 January, 2023

Battle Cats Gameplay

Like other games you have to need strategy to win the game but this game is very simple with unique gameplay simply you have to fight with Enemies in tower base and save your maximum number of cats. Each cat has its own characteristics and power to fight with the other animals. Sometimes there is an autobattle that means that cats will fight with each other. Including you can play PVP (player vs player). You have to fight with your enemy and win the game.

The Battle Cats Mod Apk-Gameplay

When the cats are hungry this game has unlimited cat food So don’t worry about the food. When animals appear for the attack then choose a cat from the option in Cat will fight with the enemy. This modded version has unlimited everything and unlimited XP. Mainly a large number of enemies attack on you then choose a weapon to kill a large number of opponents. Treasure box is the main thing always get box to get maximum reward.

Cats Strength

Cat Battle has about 30 cats each with his own power. When you start cats have low power fights with the enemy. As you level up your cat will increase with power and has more ability to fight with the more enemies. When you reach level 10 this is the highest level in this game. In this Level your cat has tremendous power to destroy all the enemies. This modded version has unlocked all the levels from which you can play in any level.

Unlock Cat Power rather than new Cat

As we mentioned above, if your level increases the Cat power will also enhance. Some players will select a new care in the higher level but this is not right. When your level increases your cat has more power to fight and has unlocked new features. So when you are in the top levels, always use your previous Cat with the highest power because this cat has more ability to complete the opponent.

Game Features

Battle Field:

Tell the word suggest fight with the enemies. This game is basically to fight with different animals with cats and become the king of the whole world. There are many types of animals that will attack your zone. Make sure that you’re using the right cat for right fight. 

Unlimited Cat food:

 After the fight cats will be hungry due to utilization of energy. Then you need to take some food and then enhance your energy level. This modded feature has unlimited cat food so you can use it to maintain the energy level of cats.

The Battle Cats Mod Apk-unlimited cat food

Free Shopping:

Free shopping means you can customize your cats with unlimited money.  and buy the advanced features for your favorite cats. There are some funny types of cats in this game. Maybe you like them and customize them with Free shopping. 

No ads:

This game has no ads to show while playing so you can play without any disturbance of ads showing on the screen.


This game has realistic 3D graphics with a clear screen.  When cat units fight with the enemies there will  be a clear screen. Because the publisher has added amazing graphics to amaze the casual game lovers.


The Battle Cat Mod APK is the most fun and amazing game with adorable features such as unlimited everything, unlocking all levels with customization and many more. Fight with the cats and be a king of the areas. When you win you will get a Treasure box with a lot of prices and weapons. Download the latest version of this game from our website.
How to Install?
  • Simply Click on the download button above.
  • Wait for the installation.
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” from phone.
  • Now play the game.


There are about 30 Gates with different characteristics. You can choose any cat of your choice.
Yes, you can play with your friends and compete the many multiplayers around the world.

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