Tennis Clash Mod APK

Tennis Clash Mod APK
Tennis Clash Mod APK

Do you love to play Tennis? Then this game is for you. Tennis Clash Mod APK is a realistic game for tennis lovers. Because this Multiplayer game offers you unlimited everything, unlimited money and gems. This sports game has upgrade charts that help you to win. 

NameTennis Clash Mod APK
MOD unlimited everything, unlimited money and gems, upgrade charts
PublisherWildlife Studios
Downloads50 Million+
Size174 MBs
VersionV 3.39.1
Last Update12 January, 2022

How do you play?

The gameplay is very unique and simple. Slide your player Slowly hit the ball to the opponent. Always visualize the ball and stand in the center. Get the updated string and smash the ball with power make sure that if your player is on the right side then smash the ball to another side. By doing this you’ll win this game and become the champion of tennis.

If you are a beginner player you will enjoy this game. Because we are offering the latest version of this game. This mode has unblocked and a variety of skills. You can upgrade your character and rackets.

Tennis Clash Mod APK-gameplay
Tennis Clash Mod APK-Customize



This game offers tournaments you can take part in. Show your skills by upgrading your character and strings. Play with the thousands of players around the world and get the trophy to your home.

Player versus player:

In player VS player mode you can challenge your friend also you have to take connection to play this PVP mode. Beat your friend, get coins or rewards.


Any game in this world has a special outfit. Therefore this Game offers special outfits for tennis. This gives a professional look to your player. This is why we are giving you the Mod Version with unlocked all clothes of Tennis Clash.

Unlimited Money and Gems:

The most significant thing about this game is that you have money gems. If you have no money then don’t worry, use the MOD version that has unlimited money and gems with a lot of characters to unlock all strings and Unlock all outfits. You can upgrade your character with these unlimited Gems. So why are you waiting just to click on the download button to download the latest version of this game. 


This game has adorable 3D graphics and amazing controls.  When you smash the ball you’ll feel the sound is real as you’re playing on the real ground.

Tennis Clash Mod APK-characters

Tennis Clash Tips: Guide & strategies

If you are new to Tennis Clash MOD APK then this tips, guide and strategies help you to win this tennis game. Read the blow guides and tips carefully.

  • The best way to score is to push your opponent on the side.
  • If your opponent is standing on the left side then you have to throw the ball on the right side.
  • If the opponent is standing on the right side then throw the ball on the left side.
  • By throwing the ball on the left and right side this will decrease the stamina Of the opponent.
  • For you always stayed in the central line. Because this will help you to hit tennis on both sides.
  • Surprise the Punit if he is standing at the end of the court then heat the ball softly near the net this will be difficult for the opponent to hit this tennis.
Upgraded Strings/Rackets

There are about 8 rackets in this game and in the start you have a nylon racket. You can get other strings as rackets simply by tapping into the menu and spending Green Gems you can get upgraded rackets.

  1. Nylon Racket: This is a simple string.
  2. Swallow Poly String: This string has Long Catch and Critical hit.
  3. Maestro Multi Racket: Maestro has fast Catch including Stamina.
  4. Joker Cards String: This Joker String has Long Catch + Stamina and Tier 2
  5. Toro Twine Racket: Toro has also quick Catch + fast Hit + Tier 2
  6. Punisher Gut String: Gut String has Backhand Counter including Long Catch
  7. Siberian Wire Racket: Wire has Forehand Counter including Critical plus Long Catch.
 Character Profile and Agility Stats

Click on the lineup tab you will see character profile and agility stats. Gelati stats is the most important point because this is related to fast movement after the player. You will react and move faster through agility stats.

Agility: It’ll move faster and react quickly and recover faster.

Serve: It’ll start with a powerful stroke.

Stamina: Increase the movement in the match.

Forehand: It’ll hit balls on the opponent’s hand side.

Volley: In volley it’ll hit the tennis ball before it bounces.

Backhand: Backhand has the ability to smash the tennis balls opposite to your competitors hand side.


The game has amazing modes. You can complete your friend online. Take part in the tournament and become the champion of tennis. There are amazing strings and ground to play this game. Tennis lovers always love to play this type of tennis game. The mod version has unlimited everything just click on the download button.

How to Install?
  • Click on the download button above.
  • Wait for installation.
  • Then enjoy the most popular App.


Always collect stronger cards and don’t forget to upgrade.
Luxilon strings are the best string. This is polyester tennis that emphasizes spin and control.
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