10 Best Threads APK Features VS Twitter

Threads APK

Threads APK is related to Instagram APK. From threads APK you can share photos, videos and your status with your friends. Threads APK features are compatible with twitter. If you want verification of thread APK then you can verify your Threads account via Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg is the owner of this Threads APK which has a lot of unlimited features from which users can enjoy and share their lifestyle with their followers.

NameThreads APK
PublisherInstagram APK
Downloads10 Million+
Size70 MB
Last Update7 JULY, 2023

How Threads APK compares with Rival Twitter

If we compare Threads APK Features with Twitter there are some features that are available in Twitter but not available in Threads but after some time there will be some features will be added to Threads APK and users will get all the features such as Twitter. Instagram threads APK has some features such as post length links photos videos verification these features are available in threads APK such as in Twitter.  If we talk about the direct message trending post and hashtags there is not available in the Threads APK.  Instagram Threads APK is one of the trending APKs since one day and people are downloading this and love the features of threads. 


How to verify threads APK account?

If you want to verify your Threads account then also you need to have an Instagram account for verification. If you don’t have an Instagram account then simply sign up on an Instagram account then create your account on Threads then you can easily verify your account via Instagram. Because threads are a Application of Instagram.

Threads APK Features

Threads APK Features

Post length: In this APK the post length is about 500 characters and in Twitter to 280 characters.

Links: In these threads, you can put links as in Twitter and you can get traffic from this Threads APK towards your website or your social accounts.

Photos: Yes, you can share your photos Via threads.

Videos: In threads, you can publish videos of 5 minutes and on Twitter there is almost 2 minutes and 20 seconds video. Therefore, Threads is the most trending APK nowadays due to some unique features.

Verification: Yes, you can verify your Threads account via Instagram APK.

Edit: In this APK you cannot edit something after posting simply you have to just have your details carefully before posting.

Direct messages: Through this app, you cannot send messages drag to your friends or something else. 

Trending stories: In twitter, there are some trending stories but in this Threads, there are no turning stories.

Hashtags: Users cannot use hashtags in threads APK.  After some time the hashtags will allow in the Threads and use it can easily use hashtags to get more engagement towards the Posts.

Final words

Threads APK is a well-known app and trending these days and this is more relevant to Twitter but there are some features that are mentioned about are more likely to be related to Twitter.  Threads is an Instagram APK and you can download Threads APK for IOS Android from our website. Download threads APK and enjoy the best features of this application and get to interact with your friends. 

Threads FAQs

No, you cannot use hashtags in threads because there are some restrictions in the hashtags therefore for some time users can't use hashtags.
No, until the new update you cannot send direct message to friends or something else.
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