NameHomescapes Mod APK
MODunlimited coins, unlimited stars, unlimited boosters, unlimited lives, unlimited energy, Golden Tickets.
Size143.1 MBs
Downloads  10million+
Last Update29 January, 2023
VersionV 5.8.5


The gameplay of this game is very simple. In the start of the game you’ll find yourself in the rich family. At your young age a Butler named Austin lived with his parents and his parents forced him to leave the house. This game has a lot of secrets that go through the levels and update your entire home.


In this competition event you have to compete with other players. Competitions occur at the last of the week or last of 3-4 days.

Medals Race: Compete with your opponent and get medals in the race.

Instant showdown: Compete your opponents in the different levels and get bombs in 6 hours.

Power-ups: Flying high in the power-ups to compete with your opponent.

Cooking: Compete 4 players and get cupcakes in 1 hour.


Bonus events give you special want to see in this game this event occur at the last of week.

Paper Plane: The generator of the power paper plane is active when you beat a player and it will deactivate when you lose level. If you want to activate then beat and player and activate your paper plane generator. 

Above the clouds: Power-ups and moves after beating levels and you’ll lose all the bonuses if you fail in any level.

Golden Tickets

Win the different levels to get unlimited coins, unlimited stars, unlimited boosters. Get the golden ticket with a real amount that brings a lot of prizes for decoration of home, pets and many more.

Home pass event:

In the home pass event there are 15 stages and it’s for last15 days. By buying a home pass you’ll get rewards including perks.

Road Rewards: The Home Pass event with the Booster Generator perk.

Week Rewards: The week reward with Home Pass event with the Improved Rainbow Ball.

Birthday of Week: The Home-pass theme is for Homes capes 5th Birthday.

Make over:

In this event you can makeover up to 7 people. There are the following makeovers of 2022 and 2023.

2022: The Birthday Makeover, The Wedding Makeover, The Dream Date Makeover

2023: Jazzy Makeover



The features of this game are very impressive. Play many different mini games and get rewards. Always renovate your house. Take care of the little cat. This game has 400 missions and 400 levels. 

Complete the puzzle and get unlimited rewards. This is a huge game and there are many things to do in this Mod APK. 

Jewelry case:

Ring cases are layered in the boxes. Some boxes are empty, some contain rings and then match all the cases and get jewelry cases. If you want jewelry case active power-ups.

Tips for the Rings:

  • The Rings can be Generated.
  • Collect Rockets and Bombs that help to remove Cases.
  • The cases can be exchanged.
  • Paper Planes are the best option to identify which Cases contain Rings or jewelry.
  • In the Ring/Donut the Paper Planes always help out the Rings.
User Guide
User Guide
Secret Room

The butler is homesick and wants to return to his ancestral mansion. He takes the paper plane but Butler is shocked by the house look. The father William and the mother Olivia wanted to sell it. Consequently, he decides to take the initiative and restore the ruined manor to its former glory while he meets new friends and reconnects with old ones too!

As a result, he decides to take the initiative and restore the abandoned mansion to its former glory, meet new friends and reunite with old ones. 

The best game that people want to play. Show your skills in the different levels and get unlimited stars, unlimited money, unblocked. There are many minigames in this game. Rebuild your room and make it very fancy and give a look. Play this game with your friends online. You can add Facebook friends in this game.

There are about 10500 levels.
Yes, you can play with your friends including Facebook friends.

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