Pocket City Mod APK

Pocket City Mod APK
Pocket City Mod APK

Pocket City Mod APK (Premium Unlocked) is a City Building game. You have to create your own city but you will face many challenges. The game has unique game play with best image quality including Unlimited money and gems. This game has the best layouts with city maps including complete Quests to earn money or XP. This Mod has unlocked all premium features. You can create your own society, Commercial and industrial area and give jobs to people. So, why are you waiting Download the full version?

NamePocket City
MODUnlimited Money and Gems/ Quests/ Tips and Tricks/ XP/ unlocked all premium features
PublisherCodebrew Games
Downloads10 Million +
Size28.21 MB
Version V 1.1.355
Last Update27 January, 2023

Pocket City Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for you to win this game. If you like these tips and tricks to your game then you will become the champion of this game. 

City Best Layout:

Is the most important thing in this game when you start the game you have only two resources like water and electricity but they are the basic needs of people. If you want to build a house it would take square space but if you want a heavy building then it would take Four Square space. But when you upgrade then the Hospital police station will increase in size. But banks will not increase in size, they will only upgrade.


For these building games the main key to becoming a winner. You have to focus on these zones commercial, residential and industrial. The upper right side of the screen you can see the map when you Tab on it it will become large. when there are colors on the zones then you have to add buildings. Because by following maps you will get more bonuses and rewards.

Pocket City-Build society


As we know, there is heavy traffic and an unhappy public. so make sure when you create roads they will be wider and there will be a Lane that distributes the traffic also there are parking areas along the buildings. Make sure that there will be parking areas and sign boards on the roads.


You can’t place any farming area near the city because it can occupy more space. So always place the farming on the Sandy places so you can easily farm. Farming will increase your income by import and export. Ways connect your form to a road because then it is connected to Road it will save your time to export and import.

Natural Disasters:

As we know everyone needs to prepare for natural disasters. Thunderstorms, volcanic eruptions lead to disaster. By getting aid you will reconstruct your buildings which are damaged from disaster. Tab on the “Reports” button under “Events” button to view which buildings are damaged through natural disasters.

Pocket City Disasters
Natural Disasters

Pocket City Quests

No place like home1000 XPBuild up to 8 residential zones.
Walk in the park1000$Build a small park and get $1000.
Growth1080 XPTo get the reward reach up to 1500- population.
Party City2000$Start a party event.
Trees7500$Plant up to 10 groups of trees and get coins.

Collect cash after winning mission

How do you complete your missions?  Simply you have to give all the resources which are the basic needs of the people. The first basic needs are water and electricity. Made the road in the City, Schools, hospitals, police station, park and entertainment places.

As well as your level increase then you’ll face difficulties to complete the task. If your Game style is amazing then you will receive gifts Unlock features.

Pocket City Features

Game has amazing features. The sound of the game is very amazing and interesting. The graphics are 3D. This game has clean interference for the users. There are many types of challenges when you complete, then you will get unlimited gems. You have to fulfill the needs of the people, take care of them, build industries, real estate and commercial areas. If you have great knowledge then you will easily pass all the missions and get rewards.

Pocket City-Unlimited money and gems


For the simulation lover pocket city is the best game to become a millionaire and get XP or coins by completing missions. There are various types of challenges when you complete you will get money or XP. This game has amazing gameplay. By playing this game you get knowledge on how to manage the  needs of the people. Always play with strategies and build cities farms. You can also do imports and exports from which you can get money.  This game has unlocked all premium features so you can play it without any charges.

How to Install?

  • First click on the download button.
  • Wait for the installation.
  • Enable “Unknown Sources”.
  • Now play a real life game and enjoy with family.


Yes, you can download it for PC from our website.
You can get rewards by completing Quests such as No place like home, Growth, Party City, Walk in parks and by growing a group of trees

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