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Unmatched Air Traffic Control

Do you like to play airplane games? Unmatched Air Traffic Control Mod APK (unlimited money) Is the best game for flying aircraft and traveling in it. In this game you are ATC. The duty of ATC is to control the whole aircraft landing and take off and also to see the vehicles on the Runway or the taxiway. Fly aircrafts with Unlimited Everything. This mod has Unlock Gates Including the airport list and user guide. This is the best game for aviation lovers to play. Click on the button to download the latest version 2022.06.

NameUnmatched Air Traffic Control
MODUnlimited Everything/ Unlock Gates/ Unlimited Money
PublisherVector3D Studios
Downloads10 Million +
Size257 Mb
Version V 2022.06
Last Update27 January, 2023

Unmatched Air Traffic Control Mod APK Gameplay

Gameplay of the simulation game is very simple. You have to control the whole airport landing and take off services and ensure safety. Because in aviation, health and safety is the top priority for passengers as well as crew members. ATC must watch all the activity being done at the airport and also watch the activity by aircrafts.
You have to clear the runway for landing of any aircraft. If there are any aircraft on the Runway then you have to convey a message to the aircraft which is in the air that take around and then land. If any aircraft suddenly lands on the runway then it can crash with another aircraft holding on the runway.

Make sure that there are no obstacles, vehicles or aircrafts on the runway, near the Runway or on the taxiway. Make the flight proper to ensure the health and safety had mitigate the risk.
Play the game with unlimited money/coins and buy many aircrafts like Airbus, Boeing, ATR and many others. With aircrafts transport luggage cargo and get more and more money.

Unmatched Air Traffic Control-Gameplay

Unmatched ATC Guide

  • Always clear the Runway for landing or take off.
  • There will be No obstacles near the runway because aircraft Wings can hit the obstacles.
  • When the aircraft is landing, clear the taxiway.

Select Airport: First select the airport. There are about 12 airports in this game, select any of your favorite airports and start the game.

Departure of Airplane: For the departure there is a push back button in the bottom of the screen you have to click on that button. Then your aircraft will push back with trucks.

Taxiway to Runway: After the push back your aircraft will go to taxiway from taxiway it will turn to Runway at then it will take a flight. But be careful there are some aircrafts landing on the runway to make sure there will be no aircraft. Also some airports have 1 or 2 runways to make sure that there is no traffic on the runways.

Take off: As you gain speed on the Runway then take a flight make sure that your tail could not touch the Runway because it can damage the aircraft.  When you take the flight you will get a bonus or money. For every safe flight you will get coins.

Airplane Landing: When you reach your desired location Make a proper landing to ensure safety. Make sure that there will be no aircraft or vehicles on the runway. If you get a final call for the approach then that is your aircraft.

Open Gates: When you land your aircraft then you have an option for Open Gates. Make sure that you have to open Gates on the taxiway after the plane shuts down. This game has Unlock Gates also you can get bonus after the safe full landing.

Airport ListAircraft List
Rocky MountainsAirbus A319
White CenterAirbus A320
SpringbrookAirbus A320 Neo
Paradise IslandAirbus A321
Ngurah Rai BaliBoeing 737-700
Las Palmas de Gran CanariaBoeing 737-700 Max
StreamwoodBoeing 737-800
Capeville CityBoeing 737-800 Max
SpringbrookBoeing 737-900
Green ValleyATR 72-600
Snow lakeEmbraer-139
Brooks valley

Game Features

This game has adorable features. When You play this game you will enjoy the features, graphics and sound. The sound is also released like all the aircraft. The small engine aircraft has low noise and the 4 engine has a stronger voice. The airplane gaming lovers will love to play this type of game with advanced features including a huge number of aircraft lists and airport list with unlimited everything. Always use the camera view  and watch the airplanes from different angles. Ensure safety first and then other things after that. This game is most popular among simulation lovers. This is why this is the most demanding game. 

Unmatched Air Traffic Control-Features
Final Wording
Unmatched Air traffic control Mod APK game is the most played game of simulation. Because this game has unlocked gates, unlimited money including different airport lists and amazing different aircrafts lists. As you level up you will get a bonus and that will be beneficial for you to buy aircrafts of your choice.

How to Install?

  • First click on the download button.
  • Wait for the installation.
  • Enable “Unknown Sources”.
  • Now play a real life game and become a responsible person.

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