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Tag After School

Tag After School Download (Unlimited Money) Is the best simulation game. The main character of this game is Shota-Kun. He is a shy boy who doesn’t participate in any activities. But with this game you can make him active by completing different challenges and earning coins. This game also has multiplayer mode where you can complete your friends. The game has cartoon graphics with unique features and realistic gameplay. The mode has unlocked characters with power-ups and unlimited everything. Click on the button to download the Latest version 6.0 of this game.

NameTag After School Mod APK
MODUnlimited Everything / Unlimited all Features
Downloads1 Million +
Size93 MB
VersionV 6.0
Last Update2 February, 2023

Multi storylines Tag After School

Tag after school Mod APK has an amazing storyline. This game is an individual game in which each character has its own story line. Every player has its own different story line. In this game every single turn has an amazing twist which turns into a different outcome that may cause coins to get in front of the Monster. In the school face different challenges and create your story different from others.

Tag After School Multi storylines-unlimited everything

Many challenges waiting

This game has various challenges that are waiting for you. When you play the game there are some challenges like spiders, bats and more that come into your path. Be aware of the girl wearing a red mask that can lead to your death. Always be aware of many traps that will enter your path. Take every single step with full focus so you can pass the levels easily.

Tag After School-Many challenges waiting

Investigate school look for clues

If you pay attention you will find many clues to unlock the door. There are many clues that help you to figure out many puzzles in the game. This game has many regions in which you can ignore many things but don’t forget to ignore all the important clues that can lead to achievement. Always investigate every single corner of the game to find a clue. If you pay attention while investigating you will also get many gems. Think like an investigator then you will find many clues in this game.

Simple Gameplay

This game has simple realistic gameplay. You can play in 2 modes and complete many different challenges and earn money. Shota-Kun has a captivating journey in the school. You have to kill the different Monsters and you can play with the girl. The girl is looking so beautiful you can fall in love with this girl. There is a torch on the touch screen that you can see many different Angels and girls and many more things from this light. your mission is to complete different levels and by all deaths of monsters to earn gems.

Tag After School Gameplay

Game modes

Time attack mode:

In this mode you have a specific time in which to complete a specific mission to get the coins. If you complete the mission in the given time then you will get coins or money. But if you fail to complete a level in the given time then there will be plenty of you.

Online battle mode: 

You can play with multiplayers in this one battle mode. There are many players around the world so you can play with them and compete in different levels and become the winner of this game.

Features of Tag After School Mod APK

Unlimited Everything:

As you know all the modded games have unlimited everything. There are a lot of coins to use. If you want to customize your character you can easily do it with unlimited coins. This game has unblock everything.

Simple Controls:

This game has amazing simple controls on the screen. These controls can’t force you to press many buttons. A battery will show on the left side from which you can see your remaining energy. If you simply touch on the torch you can see many objects in the dark. If there is an object that is perfect for you this will show in the brackets on the right bottom side of the screen. Therefore this game has unique simple controls to enjoy this simulation game.

Graphics & Sound:

If we talk about the graphics and sound, the game has cartoon type graphics and realistic sounds that create interest to play the game.. The screen is clear with unique realistic graphics.  you can  clearly see the interference in the dark room are any hidden objects due to the amazing graphics. The school game has vibrant colors and details that feel like you are watching an anime movie.

Tag after school is the best simulation game for Android and PC users. Your mission is to investigate different clues and be careful from the many challenges like spider beds at a red mask girl. because this girl can trap you in many difficulties. Pay your retention in the game to complete levels. So, why are you waiting? Just click on the download button and get the latest version of this game.


This game has 2 modes. One battle mode and time attack mode. You can play in both modes to earn money by completing different challenges.
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