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Capcut Templates to use

What is the most trending video editor throughout the world? Capcut Is the most usable video editor around the world. Because there are a lot of Capcut templates which you can use for free. At TikTok there is a trend of Capcut video editors because everyone using Tiktok template and video goes viral. 

Remember that Capcut templates are not usable on the PC. You can edit video with animations, text overlay, mask, Sound effects, Social Media, Transitions etc. If you have no idea how to use this template then we will help you out and tell you about the uses of templates and also the usage of capcut.

NameCapcut – Video Editor
Downloads5 Million +
VersionV 7.6.0
Last Update13 April, 2023

Listen to me Capcut Templates

Listen to me, the template is discovered by Edrian. There are about 813.07K users of this template. The size of this template is 57545 KB. You can select various photos and create the video up to 32 seconds. As we know everyone using templates on Tiktok and their videos got viral in minutes. So, there are the best templates we are sharing with you that use these templates and got viral.

Beat Sync. Template

The author of Beat Sync is Lhando Edits. There are about 118.02K users of this template. Use the template by clicking on the link. This template is the most usable among the users. Click on the button to use the templates.

CapCut Template DJ Habibi Rimex

This template is the Arabic template as its name suggests. When you use these templates there are horse shows on the head of the person this will create an amazing view for the video you have created. The author of this template is Setiawan Editz [MS]. There are about 25.81K users of this template because this is trending template of capcut.

CapCut Template Dailamo

Author of this template is Juanntiktok. As we know Joker is the most trending person from 4 years and everyone loves to use the Joker stickers. So, the Dailamo template is the best Joker type template to use. Use your Joker template for your video creation. There are a lot of lovers of Joker who love to use Joker style in their videos or pictures. This is the best template for you to use joker in your videos and share on social media like Tiktok YouTube and get traffic. There are about 4.1K users of this template. Click on the button to use this template.

SE ACABO Template

There are about 10.24M users of this template. The author of this template is PanPan[AP]. This template is the most trending template because of the millions of users of this template. use this template in your videos to use stylish effects animations in your video. This template has an amazing music beat which can create a miraculous video effect. CapCut Template Shaka Boom is also known as SE ACABO Template.

How to use AI Painting in Capcut Template?

As we know AI is the most trending nowadays in the world. Everyone uses AI to create pictures, videos and many more. Now you can use the AI painting effect in Capcut for your favorite pictures. Remember that you can only use the AI painting effect for your photos only. Follow these steps to use AI painting.

 1- First pick your picture from the gallery now you can show your photo on the mobile screen.

How to use AI Painting in capcut step 1

 2- Now at the bottom of the screen there is an effect option click that option. 

How to use AI Painting in capcut step 2

 3- Now there is a photo effect option click on this. Now there is effective AI painting. Simply click on that you can see many effects like cat muscle man cosmetic effect particle distortion and many more. Simply save  your photo in video effect and share it on Tiktok by using trending songs. 

How to use AI Painting in capcut step 3

How to use Effects in Capcut?

Use Capcut video effects very easily by following our simple steps. First select any your favorite video from your gallery. Then the video will display in your mobile screen when you see at the bottom there is Effect Button. Just click on this button.

1- After that you will see a video effect option click on this video effect button. 

How to use body effects in capcut step 1

2- Now you can choose trending, basic, star, party, d3d, split, retro, distortion, love, details, Spark, butterfly, comic, frame, dark, nature ,Shadow, texture and variety.  The most usable video effects are in the trending option. You can use any trending effect for your video. Make sure you have an internet connection to use these video effects. 

How to use body effects in capcut step 2

3- After the selection of effect you can also adjust the effect you can select the range and intensity of the effect which is used in your video.

How to use body effects in capcut step 3
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