Megapolis Mod APK V 6.40 (Unlimited Money)

Megapolis Mod APK
Megapolis Mod APK
MODUnlimited Money/ Unlimited Megabucks/ Unlimited all Features
PublisherSocial Quantum
Downloads10 Million +
VersionV 6.40
Last Update9 March, 2023

You can do anything for your people such as build restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, hospitals. You can complete many challenges to get money/coins. If you want to buy anything in this game don’t wait to level up. Because this game has unlimited money, unlock all levels and unlimited resources to buy anything.

Megapolis Mod APK Features

There are a lot of amazing Unlock all features of this game. Trust me you’ll enjoy this game’s impressive features.

Premium features:

There are many games in which you’ve to pay for premium features. But this game has unlocked all premium features. So, don’t panic about the money just download and enjoy all the features. 

Unlock all levels:

As we know every game starts with 1st level. You have to complete level one by one and then get money. When you play this Building management game don’t panic to complete levels. Because all levels are unlocked

Unlimited resources:

In Industrial expansion, Skyscraper design and Commercial areas there are a lot of resources. When you have money then buy resources to use them. This Mod offers unlimited resources for the building management and industrial areas. 

Dream City:

Every person has a dream to build a city with all the resources such as hospitals, schools, transport areas, carpet roads, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes and many more. This game turns your dream into reality to create your own dream city and provide all the resources to your people.


There are less number of games in which you can create your airport to start business. This game also offers to build your own airport that gives more Real-life city experience. This increase the beauty of the game.

Megapolis all unlimited resources


Mayor has all the responsibilities to fulfill the people’s needs. Mayor’s duty is to listen to the problems of the people and solve them. There is a responsibility on your shoulders to solve every problem. So, become a mayor and give them parks, hospitals and all the wanted resources.

Build Army:

As we know without an army you can survive in the world. This is why this game offers to create your own army to save your city. When you earn money then divide your budget into many parts. Always use some of your budget to buy rockets, tanks and many advanced weapons for the army. 


Wow, it’s amazing to build a railway track. In this game you have a lot of money to build a railway track. Because some people cannot afford bus rentals. This will give a miraculous shape to the game. 

Build railway in megapolis to get unlimited money


Contest is the main thing that is everywhere in this game. Because this is a real life game other people will build cities against themselves and try to build it with more resources and earn money. If you play with strategies obviously the win is yours. Complete the needs of people start with basic needs. 

No ads:

This Mod APK has no ads to show. You can play this game easily and enjoy city building.


This game has 3D advanced graphics with high resolution. When you play this game trust me with visual effects enjoy this game. Play the game on smart devices to get the best experience of this game.

Gameplay of Megapolis

This game has High-speed gameplay and unique features. Your duty is to build the city and fulfill all the needs of people. Build your own stronger army and save your city. This game has unlimited diamonds through which you can unlock many advanced features and build your advanced society.
Build houses, hospitals, parks and all the resources for people. When you complete all the tasks then you’ll get coins. Earn coins and invest in to build different types of projects. Through these projects you can get profit.

Unique Gameplay of Megapolis

Final Thoughts

Megapolis Mod APK is the best strategy city building game with advanced game play and unlimited everything. When you build your city with all the needs for people then get money/coins. Always invest your money in many projects to get profit. Also all the premium features are unlocked. So, why are you waiting? Click on the download button to play City building simulation.

How to Install?

  • Just click on the Download button.
  • Install the Mod APK on your smart device.
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” from phone.
  • Launch the game that’s all now you can enjoy this game.


You can earn money by building houses, restaurants, airport railway stations and many more. Always invest your profit in different projects to earn money.
No, there are no ads in this game.
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