Life Simulator 3 Mod APK

Life Simulator 3 Mod APK
Life Simulator 3 Mod APK

Life Simulator 3 (Mod, Unlimited Money) Is a real life ultimate simulator game. Choose your character gender, look for the job, partner and manage your family members. This game is like Pocket City in which you have to build your house and manage your family members. Play the game with unlimited tokens and buy a house including free shopping with real life codes and Unlocked Careers. So, why are you waiting? Download the latest version.

NameLife Simulator 3
MODUnlimited Money/ Unlimited Tokens/ Free Shopping
Downloads10 Million +
Size20.13 MB
VersionV 200.221222.2432
Last Update27 January, 2023

Life Simulator 3 Gameplay

Like other games you have to move your character from one place to another place to manage all the activities but in this ultimate simulator you have to manage your character only with tabs. Click on the tabs and manage all the activities. The game starts with choosing a character so you have to choose your gender. Then there are tabs from which you have to move your character. There are many tabs on the screen from which you can choose any tab which you want and do the activity which is suitable for your character.

Life Simulator 3 - activities with friends
Life Simulator 3- Unlimited tokens

The gameplay is very unique. This is a real life game with daily affairs like jobs, education, Events. Build your house, look for a partner and have a child. You will enjoy this game due to amazing gameplay with real life examples. 

Life Simulator 3 Mod APK-Gameplay

Real life codes of Life Simulator 3 

There are two major Real Life Codes are ONE YEAR and SPOOKTOBER code. Each code has its own usage.


This code gives you 250$ per month, Jail tokens and education cards. With this about you can buy many things of your choice. If you are caught by police in a case of robbery and are involved in other activities then you can hire an attorney. If an attorney fails to Escape from jail. Then you can use the jail tokens to escape from the jail. From this amount you can also use education tokens as cards To complete your education immediately.

Spooktober code:

This code is expired now but you can try sometimes it will work. How to use this code? Simply go into your game setting. And scroll down where you will see “Redeem” click on the redeem And paste the code “Spooktober“. This gives you 1+ Multiplayer  and  increase percentage level *5. For example if you are in level 2 then with this code you’ll reach level 10. Wow this is so amazing you have passed many levels without playing them.

Game Traits

Unlock Prestige: In this modified version Prestige level is all locked you can play without any money.

Unlock Careers: There are about 130 + characters in this game. You can become a teacher, entrepreneur or Engineer. It is difficult to earn a lot of money in a short period of time. You’ve to work hard to earn money as in real life. Slowly your character will mature and you will be a millionaire one day. But with modified version all the careers are unlocked so you can choose any your favorite career without usage of money.

Life Simulator 3 - Unlock Careers

Free Shopping: As we know everyone needs money to buy anything because without money there is nothing in the world. Every month we do shopping. So in this game you also do shopping but how you can buy your favorite clothes are decoration pieces. Don’t worry because with unlimited money you can do free shopping.

No Ads: There are  many games in which ads are running. But in this simulator game there are no ads to show.

Graphics: This game has realistic 3D graphics. You can enjoy it when you play this game on your mobile or download it for PC. The unique graphics will increase your interest to play this game more and more


Simulator 3 Mod APK is the best gaming for real life like other simulator games. You can design your character and also choose your life however you want.  With unlimited everything you can choose your character by many things to do shopping.  Also you can use real life codes to increase your level to get money. Trust me you will enjoy this game just click on the download button to get the full version of this game.

How to Install?

  • Click on the download button above.
  • Wait for the installation.
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” from phone.
  • Now play a real life game and enjoy the simulator game


Yes, this Mod has Unlock Prestige. You can play without any money
Yes, use can codes such as Spooktober and ONE YEAR.

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